babywearing : Soft Structured Carrier

Second SSC : Angelpack
Front carry preferable if she's sleeping
But if she falls asleep during back carry, just use the attached hood

Her size 4 1/2 Cl*rks shoes

  • lightweight SSC, can be folded and stuffed into the diaper bag
  • attached hood
  • more suitable for narrow shouldered ladies
  • paddings are soft, thus not as supportive for long hours
  • shoulder straps are not attached, can be misplaced easily
  • DH just doesn't like it because of reason 1 (too soft and not as sturdy)
I have 2 SSC, but this time, I could say : 1 for me, and 1 for you (my hubby).
I love, love, love SSC! We've abandoned the stroller ever since!!


2 Response to "babywearing : Soft Structured Carrier"

  1. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    where did u buy those? sukala..sooo..cute..hihi

  2. Hanim Says:

    Beco unfortunately dari US.
    AP (Angelpack) dulu beli online dr US gak, but now Tiny Tapir dah ada jual.

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