when hubby babywears...

DH wearing sleeping baby in Beco Butterfly
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...... mommy goes for reflexology. She sleeps for about an hour, so I had just enough time. I had twice, thrice went for reflexology wearing her (she was sleeping), so maybe next time if DH wears her, I can go for body massage instead??


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  1. Shel Says:

    i also wanna do that-having a relexology massage n baby sleeps while wearing =D
    sometimes after feed, Ayden will sleep on my chest & we both tidur/nap skali. syok! macam pegang bantal

  2. Hanim Says:

    hehe Shel... I still have my teddy bear.. she still sleeps on our bed :) sometimes share blanket summore :p

  3. sherry Says:


    Just to say assalamualaikum to u..suka read ur blog...u r Milie's frenz kan.

  4. SOHO Mama Says:

    I'm longing for a reflexologi session tooooo...!! Ada kat2 rumah I ni, Reborn. Kalau I gi Alamanda pun ada. Hmmmm one of these days. Dah bertahun tak buat.

    I went to visit a family friend at Hosp Selayang today. He was a retired army officer too like my dad. He had a stroke, still in coma (I think). Anyway, I went with all my sisters and my mother. I only brought Zuleyka, so wore my SNUGG MT. "Kejap kat depan, kejap kat belakang" mak I kata..hee hee. Takde pun terserempak dgn sape2 yg babywearing jugak :P

    Anyway, doing the front carry with the original MT ok or not? Yg buckle ni, kalau front carry kdg2 should strap terlepas. Rasanya I dah betul adjust dah. Ke I risau bahu I ni lagi..

    Tu dia Kak Sherry dari Kuantan sudah menyinggah ke sini :D

  5. Hanim Says:

    Hi Sherry... been chatting/blogging with Millie. Belum jumpa IRL :)

    Front carry, either MT, SSC, buckle mei tai... feels more secure if u criss cross the straps... so jd X kat belakang.

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