pink month... great babywearing month!

Bumps&Mums weekend in Bangsar Village. Babywearers unite!
Babywearing talk on April 4th by Jess Tang.

Shida (all the way from penang) was the main coordinator along with Nia@Nik. 
BW/BF/CD gathering in Sunway Kayangan 18th April (aiseh no pics with tuan rumah Nik)

me (my Angelpack SSC) & Ito (Ellaroo wrap rite?)
magic ring sling...Ariana down for her nap immediately in Maya RS (more reviews soon)

*been using pink to match Arianna's outfit. I think I'm getting her other colours, I'm using too much of that pink hijab I just realised.
*gosh! I look pale... makeup guru help. I think I'm (finally) aging ~sigh~


13 Response to "pink month... great babywearing month!"

  1. Hanz Says:

    Hanim, I look pale too & HUGE!!! OMG! I have put on weight back after missing 2 months exercise regime & overloading of chocolates lately!!

  2. Hanim Says:

    aisey... we must be vogue sket la... at least u're already wearing some makeup.. me... adoi so malas!

    Millie, Hanz.. inspire the pemalas me!!

  3. kaezrin Says:

    ohh me oso never vogue one..always pale ajer...wat with apa org panggil pore yg membuak2

  4. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    wow.bestnye..all cute BW to wear ring sling.i tgk u pki kemas je.i xretila..huhu.comot je!

  5. mama shmontel Says:

    hmm...kena tunggu #2 la utk bw again nampaknya!
    btw hanim, u've been tagged!!!

  6. Hanim Says:

    Haha.. Mye.. ada 3 lagi tag tak jwb. Tunggu ye.

    US..nnt bebila join la kitorg...leh share2 knowledge babywearing.

    Salam Keazrin.. tgh browse tgk tudung Dubai huhu. mmg 2 lapis.. ie ada anak at dlm eh?

  7. Azrina Mat Talib Says:

    hi hanim, i think should be no problem if u're always in pink and with pink hijab because u look cute with pink...ehehehe

    i just notice mesti ada kain mcm baby blanket with arianna. kenape ye?

  8. Hanim Says:

    Azrina... tu blankie busuk dia... she doesn't use puting, no more bottles, takde bantal busuk. But she loves her balnkie. Ada 6-8 so that leh basuh and tukar selalu :p

    Haha.. cute? sure kena gelak, coz I'm far from cute. But thanks for the compliment.

    Arianna has loads of pink (mostly coz it's gifts from others).I must teach her other colours too!

  9. SOHO Mama Says:


    Mula2 I pelik kenapa Pink Month..then I got it..u were wearing lotsa pink. Kalau, sure jadi Brown Month or Grey Month.

    Satu hari I mesti join u all..bestnya tengok gambar2 ni.

    Eh u kan dah ada semua basic2 makeup tu..pakai larr. I use makeup first to please myself then only for pleasing husband etc. And I love the compliments from my boyz. Although a WAHM, I nak la they all nampak i rupa "pleasant" je. Of course rupa selekeh tu ada jugak la sekali sekala :D

  10. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    berselerak the whole floor! must be fun!

  11. Hanim Says:

    *Mummy to Qiqi... yep sure was fun!

    *Millie... hehe nanti esok I'll try...keluarkan the makeup bag siap2 (usu in cupboard haha).

    Bila upload gmbr, tgk2 been using the same tudung... macam free advertising for that tudung je. Next mth carik tudung konsep lain plak hehe.

  12. MADAM:ZOORA Says:

    every one seems like having a great time!!! tumpang happy juggak!!!! i like you picture with ito the most!! so natural, so pretty

  13. Hanim Says:

    * Zoora - yang mana satu, kat BV Ito with pouch, or kat rumah Nia, Ito with wrap? She's real cheerful gal :)

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