babywearing : Mei's Mei Tai in action

it's so my colour

attached hood
  • it's a Mei Tai! A great 2 shouldered carrier
  • has a non detachable hood (like my Angelpack)
  • lightly padded at waist and shoulder strap (no padding at BH waist strap)
  • material suitable for our weather
  • the strap material isn't very strong (but feels oh so soft and fluffy), don't think I can do 4-5 hours walk (unlike BH, Kozy)
  • because it's a mei tai, the long straps will touch the floor ifI were to tie in public - not  a good thing for OCD (obsessive compulsive) person like me
  • because of tying tying bit - not husband friendly. He must think it's a hassle / too feminine
~ not my new fluffy, tokey kasi pinjam :)
~ if I don't already have 2 MT, think this would be great - matches my wardrobe


2 Response to "babywearing : Mei's Mei Tai in action"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hanim, i tgh survey on the BH material. if only I can find it here locally.
    those straps can be shorten.. potong or ikat ngan getah..eheheh (but it works what?)
    atleast your DH bw gak la. mr.min .. no - no.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Mr. Min=macho... sanggup dukung (sakitnya tangan!)

    Survey la the material. I didn't get to feel the Freehand material la... but Joanne doesn't wear them for long period right?

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