But those nominated or not, are all supermommies!!
Ummisalsabila ke yg nominate I? Since u yg rajin kat chatbox I tu :D Whoever who nominated me, thank you very much, I'm flattered. 
So get clicking people.


7 Response to "VOTE FOR ME"

  1. ibu_arifa Says:

    saya dah vote..good luck yaaa

  2. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    yup.i nominate u coz i love dis superb mom blog.nnt if dpt hadiah knla share2 dgn i ok.hehe.just kidding.ok,i vote u.good luck.

  3. farrahar Says:

    Hanim, check balik coding image tu. Kat depan tu ada (<)a href="http:..........."(>) change the url to and biar the rest.

    Sorry I have to place the < and > within () so that the comment wouldnt recognize it as html tag. The (<)a(>) tags will link back to Malaysiansupermummy blog.

    Then to tampal at the side bar, go to your blogger dashboard, click Layout, click Add A Gadget, select HTML/Javascript, then paste back the whole image coding inside the Content. Click Save.


    Hihihihi... Hope I made sense there :P

  4. Hanim Says:

    Thanks US.. for nominating. I don't blog everyday... coz really looked for interesting things to blog on...takut org bosan reading about mundane stuff :)

    Far... will try it later... did the post at 3am... so blur hihihi.

    Ibu Arifa.. thanks for voting

  5. Hanim Says:

    Farrah.. it made sense but somehow HTML confuses me hehe. Last2 suh hubby dok tepi, guide me hahaha

  6. Nurhayati Says:

    i dah vote.. good luck yer!!!

  7. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Hayati!

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