Happy 16 months old

Time flies....
16 months of exclusive / fully BF. 
Happily BW my kid - although having 8 carrier for 1 baby? :p

She's sleeping still at 7am, and we still co sleep.
She's probably 11kgs now.
She doesn't walk, she runs.
Throws tantrums if we don't understand her babbles.

Haven't fully mastered spoons, but fork - quite okay.
Part time CD, with poopoo potty trained.
Have difficulties in brushing her 6 teeth... when mom says brush your teeth, she brushes mine instead. Trying out a new tool now.

Eating like an adult...thus not many new recipes. 
We are cutting out the salt (yay for healthier living)

 • Turns the pages of a book
• Has 
temper tantrums when frustrated
• Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object                                         
 • Discovers the joy of  climbing
• Stacks three blocks
• Uses 
spoon or fork
• Learns the correct way to use common objects (e.g., the telephone)                            
• Gets finicky about food
Switches from two naps to one

In my humble opinion as a mom and doctor, the milestone charts are just as a guide. Kids grow at their own pace. *dulu dulu babies mana buka mata, lift their head within the first week, now babies are stronger, probably due to stimulation and good nutrition*

I'm just concerned about the one milestone I highlighted in RED.
She sleep 8-10 hours at night, and 2-3 hours during her 2 naps. 
Less sleep = cranky toddler?


2 Response to "Happy 16 months old"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Before u know it she's going to be 26 mths old! Yes kids grow at their own pace. Anak2 I, ada yg tak merangkak sgt, jalan terus. Ada yg nak masuk 10 bulan, duduk sendiri pun tak betul lagi (like Zuleyka now!). Ada yg start cakap lambat, ada yg terlebih pandai cakap LOL!

    Anyway, I think Armand changed to one nap per day even before he was 17mo. But longer nap lah. Nearly 3 hours. Now he naps in the afternoon, starting ard 130pm-2pm. Have to start nap no later than 330pm. The later the nap starts, the shorter it is. Kalau tak susah nak suruh dia tido mlm!

    I think kids nowadays, dapat kaki je, tak nak jalan..lariii je!

  2. Hanim Says:

    That coming from a mom of 4 kids, is very reassuring :)

    She took 30mins morning nap, 2.5hours afternoon na yesterday. It's 12pm now, and she's just down for a nap *finally*. Tido pun have to angkut pegi Bangsar Village after Zohor.

    I wonder how many naps she'll take today?!

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