babywearing : Soft Structured Carrier : Beco vs AP

Can't see the butterfly in this picture...but it's there
Well thought design - curved straps

You've got to touch it to understand what I meant by sturdy vs soft padding. These 2 are keepers. Of course I had thoughts of getting a Beco 4th Gen, but then again, I wouldn't let go any of these 2. I think I'm having a problem with Beco, it seems that the body is short in relation to daughter's torso. Uh oh, if she's getting taller... I wonder if 
  • SSC : Angelpack LX
  • MT : Toddlerhawk
those will come into the picture later *LOL*.
I think I'll stop at 8.

2 ring slings
2 pouches
2 mei tais
2 SSCs

Yay, I've done my babywearing posts... just in time for tomorrow's event. Check out Bumps & Mums Weekend in Bangsar Village II.

Both Bangsar Village 1&2 are stroller friendly.
The nursing room is located near the sky bridge in BV 1 (this is not a paid post, so I have no info to describe exactly where it is... always ask the info desk).
If all is well, we're going for the BW slot 2.30-3.30pm.


2 Response to "babywearing : Soft Structured Carrier : Beco vs AP"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Yeah Hanim, 8 is a nice, lucky number! So each type has one for you, one for hubby.
    Tadi I pegi a small mall here in Kajang, ingatkan nak guna my new SNUGG MT (yer, the Ipoh-mali one, u saw it on SNUGG site) but my bahu bekas keluarkn lipoma tu rasa sengal sikit pulak. Maybe pressure by straps. Armand is 12.5kg. When I used pouch last weekend, ok je. Different pressure points maybe. So today I pushed Armand in stroller :(

  2. Hanim Says:

    Oh yeah your lipoma op was really on the that case give it 4-6 weeks to heal. The outside stiches ae okay..but it's the healing inside that we can't see.

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