attractive pasta shapes

It was creamy fish pasta using leftover pan fried cod with broccoli. It seems that she's not into fish steak that much compared to few months ago.


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  1. rayhana Says:

    Salaam hanim

    are these the dinosaur-shaped ones?
    my son loves them! if ada transport nye LAGI la! :p
    he's also loving the alphabets and numbers one by heinz.
    but he doesn't fancy other than that, i.e. penne, spaghetti, etc.. sorry la..

  2. glam.mama Says:

    where do you gals get these nifty shaped pasta?? i'm sure my boys would love those!

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Ray... Salaam, eh I just realised I don't what the shapes are. We usually buy whatever pasta shapes we see :)

    @Adrin... I think I buy it either in Village Grocer, Cold Storage, Mercato. I couldn't get it in Tesco, Giant.

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