cloth pads as cute token

Cute little package from Dian :-) Handmade cloth pantiliners, you'll never have enough of those, especially cute ones. Thanks so much (I guess this was in exchange for the Mei Tai I've loaned to her). May cloth pads, cloth diapers and babywearing love will spread to all moms out there.
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  1. Hanz Says:

    Hanim, it does looks cute. Is she selling it too?

  2. scudmami Says:

    wooo Dian, this will be your good opportunity dear.
    @Hanz, leh try ask her.. she does sell some to the friends :D

    @Hanim, aiyaakkk aku tak dak apape token in exchange to your MT hahhaha.. dah la lama aku simpan.. let me know when u wanna it back aaa..

  3. ZOORA Says:

    yeah!! yeah spread the love.. and really. this are cute as gifts

  4. fizamior Says:

    hanim!!!! OMG!!! cutenye.... sayang nak pakai... ekekekeke......

  5. Hanim Says:

    Thanks to DIan. Here's her blog:

    Satgi I edit and link her blog add.

    @Hanz... jom kita tanya

    @Scud... takpe takpe... tak pakai MT tu. Masa tu jadik tester Farid Mei's MT. Now her MTs are superb. Glad even the amateur tester itu berjasa.

    @Zoora... Dian even made breast pad for our friend. I was asking sbb nak beli :) But my friend was lucky to get it as a gift.

    @Fiza... because it's cute and super comfy... kena la pakai. Nanti dah lunyai.. leh beli baru hehehehe

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Hanz Says:

    eh Hanim, she follows my blog-lad..bad Hanz! Will do. Thanks! :D

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