Grobaby cloth diapers

After realising that Tiny Tapir has an outlet in Bangsar Village II (duh.. so ketinggalan zaman), we went there to replace an aging Grobaby CD (its elastic thigh snapped... hmm still usable?). At Arianna's request, we bought the cute red flowery one. And we grabbed a Magic Stick, surprisingly we've been using the very first one since last year... and we're only 2/3rd way through it! Definitely worth the money.


4 Response to "Grobaby cloth diapers"

  1. nadnye Says:

    ohh ada yea Hanim, Bangsar Village II, area mana yea ?

  2. Hanim Says:

    @Nad.... BV II. Opposite Kizsport. Tapi bahaya la gi sana... bahaya Tiny Tapir and bahaya Kiszsport :p

  3. ZOORA Says:

    tempting nya dia puny arrangement :P

  4. Hanim Says:

    it WAS tempting Zoora.. Arianna picked the design herself :p

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