udon hailam

I've decided she'll stick to udon, and mee kuning (as most people say it's 'angin') will be reserved for us adults. Thank heavens Tok Mama's fried mee is made from spaghetti, not mee.

Notice that she picks the udon, leaving behind the chicken and cauliflower.


3 Response to "udon hailam"

  1. glam.mama Says:

    Haha...Aqil is the same way. He will find the smallest leftover piece of noodle among all the other lauk, and eat it.

  2. nadnye Says:

    never try udon before,sedap jea nampak
    kene carik nie the kids love mee or look alike instead of rice

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Adrin... hehe pandai kan these kids? Shows what sharp vision and fantastic fine motor skill.

    @Nadnye... Rm1.99 per paket :)

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