Fully BF, working and pumping-part 3

I work in a busy clinic, so I'm not pumping 3 times at work *sigh*
I pump once just before leaving for work. Once at lunchtime. And recently added midnight pump.

Ideally, you should pump every time your child feeds when you're away. (probably this is the time I should whine about my work, but not many doctors are happy with their work condition anyway).


I use a double pump, so I guess it makes up for my 'inability' to pump at work. I could manage 8-10oz at my lunchtime oump, but now I'm down to 4-8oz. I know the quantity differs between each mom, just as long as you are pumping enough for LO's consumption.
When she was 3 months, I had 16-30oz in the fridge (rarely I work till 9pm).
Now that she's taking more solids, she takes 8-15oz during the day.


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