Fully BF, working and pumping-part 2

Since I had started pumping during my confinement, I have a nice stash 20+ bottles in the freezer. I store in bottles/ Avent cups in the amount of 4-5ozs i.e. one feed.
Growth spurts- the time when I dip into my freezer stash (she goes through them ever so often)

Feeding and Storing EBM
*I'd have to thank my lucky stars my PIL volunteered to take care of LO*
LO gets fresh BM mostly. MIL just have to put it at room temperature, or uses Av*** bottle warmer.

If using frozen BM, I usually have put in the chiller coz *once thawed, use within 24 hours*
I store fresh EBM in the chiller section, and it can last *3-8 days*. Personally I'd use it within 3 days, if not used, then I add it to my freezer stash.
Stored in normal freezer, it can last 3 months, and in deep freezer- up to 6 months.


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