Fully BF, working and pumping-part 1

No... this is not another post, preaching on the wonders of BM. I don't impose my values on anyone, but I make my values known to people. Same situation with BF, I don't enforce the National Breastfeeding Policy on my staff. Ironically I'm in healthcare, a baby friendly clinic in fact and there are many wiith new babies (we are in the childbearing age group)...but not many are motivated to EBF till 6 months. I do ask them to BF for as long as possible. But I know some would eventually wean off even before 6 months.

I've been pumping since day 3 post partum. I was at the Pantai Medical Centre (with a baby friendly status), and I couldn't master hand expression to relieve my engorgement. I used Spectra pump, yielded colostrum/BM up to 3oz/session! LO didn't latch on and suck properly, probably due to her jaundice as well. They gave the colostrum/BM via cup (no bottles, artificial teats here).

We keep giving BM using cup till she was 2 weeks old. I direct BF, and gave her extra if she was still hungry. We had to do it because she lost more weight than she's supposed to. Her jaundice persisted, and we even used home phototherapy. Once she was cleared of jaundice, she finally BF like a champ.

I kept pumping even during confinement to relieve of breast engorgement. Thinking back, it might be due to Milkmaid Tea (I kept taking it to make sure I have enough milk for LO).


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