sick baby = long week

I have pictures that need words (read: ingredient, method) before my memory fails.
I haven't posted coz LO has been sick, DH brought her to see a paediatrician (Dr. Yong Junina is fantastic with kids- considering LO has major stranger anxiety). Mommy had to work, thus it was baby, DH and FIL who went to see her. I hate my job, can't be home with my baby (sorry, I do feel this occasionally)

I hate meds (ironic since I prescribe it). Maybe coz the idea of stuffing LO with chemicals?! (Of course the FDA doesn't recommend cough/cold meds for under 2 years of age). Arianna is taking:
  • paracetamol
  • salbutamol
  • acetylcysteine
  • oxymetazoline nasal spray

I have no qualms of taking meds myself, but for LO? Probably that explains why I'm making homemade food... less chemicals the better.

We are using organic wash in place of the usual baby washing liquid. We just stopped sterilising her eating utensils (spoon, plate, bowls), so let's hope this wash wouldn't leave chemical residue.


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