egg yolk

I've been giving half a yolk on Saturday and Sunday. And on Monday, she managed to finish a whole yolk. So far so good, no allergic reaction... but of course her rash can appear after 1-2 days time.

I couldn't wake up at my usual cooking time last night, and I missed my midnight pump session. LO was super duper clingy, and fed too often (2-3 hourly? I lost track). So here I am at 6 am, cooking.

Yesterday's dish of cod/rice/broccoli/peas was a hit! She ate most of it at lunch (she rarely takes heavy lunch during weekdays). For dinner, she had egg salad, and just a little bit of meat spaghetti and cod rice.

Good combination for egg salad:
egg yolk (obviously more yummy with whole egg)

I have to read up on mayonaisse, or attempt to make the likes of it. That'll be yummy!


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