we tried cheese!

Since she has turned one, we thought it's time to reintroduce stuff she was allegic to previously
so she had:

cheese scrambled egg
2/3 slice cheddar cheese
1 medium egg


2 Response to "we tried cheese!"

  1. Drama Mama Says:

    hi.did ur daughter had an allergy to the dairy products? well, yest i gave him bread dip in half-boiled egg. turned out he's allergic to it. is it like for the rest of his life, or maybe later on he'd be okie with it? my son is 11 months old now.

  2. Hanim Says:

    She had dairy allergy since 2 months old. We slowly introduce milk products like cheese, yogurt after she turned 1 year old because most outgrow their allergies by then.

    She's still allergic to fresh milk (it'll give her rash even if the milk just touches her skin).

    Try eggs again in few weeks time. HTH.

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