big people food

Since she has turned one, I'm more adventurous. All these while she has been fed with homemade food, now probably it's time to have some from mommy's plate. But wait, she did have a little bit of my sushi 2 months back. Let's see what she has had before:

  • rice cracker (Japanese stores)
  • cheerios (General Mills)
  • froot loops (Kellogg's)
  • sushi (only the rice, without the topping la)
  • corn flakes
  • spaghetti bolognese
  • buns (those without milk/milk powder ingredients)
Hehe mom's naughty... just shy of her one year mark, I tried:
  • taufu fa (of course without the sugar)
  • Starbuck's scone
  • Starbuck's Xmas sandwich (wholewheat bread, little cranberries mayo, chicken)
I have few more recipes, more elaborate because I felt guilty of giving her bland food during her illness. But I've been sick as well, so I haven't been up at night. No midnight pumping/cooking. Thank God I'm on annual leave. Will upload soon and update the blog.

* note to self: no soy lecithin allergy! Yippee can use the olive oil spread
* another note: currently waiting if she has any reaction to cheese scrambled egg she had for breakfast


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