bronchiolitis - Happy Birthday My Baby

So she hates her meds, mommy hates them too... she gets moody if forced. She went for couple hours of nursing strike yesterday, all because she had to be nebulised. Dr. Eric heard no rhonchi, but prolonged expiratory sounds *sigh*.

Mom had asthma , with 1 parents with atopy condition: 40% chance
Dad has eczema - with both parents with different atopy, her chances are raised to 40-60%
If both parents have same atopy - 50-80% chances

Now, she has new sets of med:
  • salbutamol syrup "Ventolin"
  • salbutamol MDI (used with aerochamber)
  • montelukast granules "Singulair"
  • dexchlorpheniramine syrup "Polaramine"


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