Weaning off the bottle

She weaned herself off from the bottle a week before she turned 14 months. There goes 5 (5 oz) and 2 (9oz) Breastflow bottles into the storage. It wasn't us, it was Arianna who refused the bottle. MIL described it:

"Letak 2 oz saja dalam botol.
Letak kat mulut, geleng-geleng kepala tak nak.
Offer lagi, dia bersilat tolak botol.
Last-last sumbat je dalam mulut.
Baby melalak macam kena dera."

Now, it's expressed breastmilk in her sippy @ straw cup.
Actually it's still pretty difficult, they ended up giving EBM in ice cube form.

I think our love affair with Breastflow bottles has ended, sadly.


2 Response to "Weaning off the bottle"

  1. mama shmontel Says:

    kalau tak dlm botol susu memang susah la sarah nak minum susu...hmm..anybody wants 2nd hand sippycups? used once/twice ;P heh..

  2. Hanim Says:

    try selling your sippy on the forum... I tried Avent, Pigeon, Nuby, Pureen, Kiko... phew finally found what she likes. Only Pigeon Mag Mag (as pic) and Nuby. Others- pecah kena baling, Avent- as usual in storage.

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