sole fish bento

Sole fish - grilled with worchestershire sauce @ Lea&Perrins

Carb: spaghetti
Protein: grilled sole fish (ikan sebelah)
sweet sour red snapper (ikan merah) 
Vege: mixed vegetables
carrot and sawi (she hated the leafy bit, so she had the stalk)

*what's sawi in English? So obvious that I don't shop for local vege*

~sweet sour red snapper was leftover from the day before, so she left that for mommy to finish.
~the bento lasted for 2 meals actually.


2 Response to "sole fish bento"

  1. eziannr Says:

    Your doter habiskan semua makanan nih? Wah...semangat ek...suke tengok budak2 yang makan sedap nih...hihihihi

  2. Hanim Says:

    veggie, fish dia makan. spaghetti... i think half ended up on the floor :) that's why letak pasta byk2 sket

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