cloth diapering Arianna

See her eager lil feet - we just picked up 6 new Itti Bitti from the post office.

Earlier picture of Baby Beehind hemp fitted. She ran before I could put on the cover.

Blue. Her fav blue bakul.
Fuschia - she's on the smallest setting. Why is there 'ekor' at the snaps??

Light pink. With the pink milk drink.

Purple. She's eating the letter P.

Turqoise / light blue. She's with her fav light blue blankie.

Lilac. She's doing her chores - putting away items after grocery shopping.


7 Response to "cloth diapering Arianna"

  1. suryati Says:

    hey, i know dat blue blankie....think saw dat masa bump into u kot. anyway dat CD looks so comfy lar.

    p/s : cun nyer ur layout, it make me think to update mine

  2. Hanim Says:

    hehe yati...she drags that blankie everywhere.. mcm charlie brown.

    bila en.faizal nak agree to CD? nnt balik HKG minta upah beli CD. 1 mth dulu part time mlm2 je, jimat la 2 huggies ultra per night.

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Nice stash! I havent bought any Itti Bitti AIO for my kids so not sure how to advise on the ekor / wing droop issue..However some brands do have that tendency..tak sure la pasal Itti Bitti ni. Knp I takde Itti Bitti ek? Ohhh pasal mula2 CDing dulu I bought one gently used Itti Bitti Boo fitted and found that even it's L, it's so smalllll! Yes, it's supposed to be trim. Cepatnya Armand outgrow so I pun put off...

  4. Hanz Says:

    Is it Itti Bitti trim? I like trim CDs but hesitated when thinking bb Hambali's chunky tight (eh, how to spell? suddenly so blur)

    Itti Bitti is in my CD next-soon-to-be-purchase CD (believe me, I jot down all brands with its selected prints & the details) & alwiz bila paycheck, mulalah tangan gatal online shopping...

    I've been thinking aby Cushies Tushies AIO OS...rambangnya mata!!

  5. SOHO Mama Says:

    Hanz..yes it's the Itti Bitti Boo, too trim for my kids hee hee..btw spelling is THIGH hee hee..

    Dulu masa I beli CT Couture (minky giraffe print gituu), it was still the "old sizing" because when I sold it off to another mommy (she has one oredi), she said "eh why so small eh?". She emailed the maker in Oz & said now baru size yg if u buy now the OS dah kira ok le size nye..why la I keep getting these "small" CDs..?

    Eh Hanim sorry to make use of your blog to borak pulak :D

  6. Hanim Says:

    I bought Itti Bitti Dlish during their sale in January. Org lain share... beli 6-pack, share 2-3 org. I tamak, beli 6-pack sorang2. I read good reviews- Jess of Peekaroobaby, journeywifnappies. They have tried so many, to read good reviews from them... percaya saja lah :p

  7. Hanim Says:

    Hehe... no prob. I just got into CDing... nice to meet u guys, even though it's on cyber world :)

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