pumping at work

Working moms probably knows the schedule...pump twice, thrice at work- as often as your baby feeds to maintain supply.

I present to you a different schedule (I work in a busy clinic, I don't think I can leave my room for a few minutes to pump, all the stress will inhibit letdown)

0600 Baby feeds
0630 Mom gets up
0700 1st pump
0745 leaves for work
1300 2nd pump
1730 arrives home
1800 Baby starts cluster feeding up till bedtime
1830 dinner
1900 bath time
1930-2200 bed time

I added 3rd pump (11pm or 2am) whenever needed. I aim to pump enough for the next day (with an extra bottle or two to stockpile).

My yield:
1st pumping output: 2-8oz (depends on how much she 'drained' me)

2nd pumping output (lunch time pumping session at work):
2 months 10-12oz
6 months 8oz
10 months 6oz
12 months 4 oz
14 months 2-3.5oz


6 Response to "pumping at work"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Bagusnya u masih lagi express susu..Zuleyka is 8mo now and I'm still bf-ing her most of the time but I'm so lazy to express..! Usually the "peak" of my EBM stock was during confinement, the baby feed on one side while I express the other. Cepat n byk :)
    But I still use the same method..until the baby is big enuf to wiggle a lot pastu The Mama malas le sikit :P

  2. Hanim Says:

    I think direct BF is way easier... if there's a choice, I wouldn't pump. Eg on Fridays, I go home for lunch/to BF, I'd be emptied enough so I don't have to pump *yippee*

    Since you have home biz, Millie- you don't work at a long stretch, or do you just take a break when the baby needs her feed?

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Usually I take a break whenever the baby needs her feed..but there are times when I just need to do up a fast quotation or samples etc etc so I ask the maid to feed her formula. The first time she was on formula was during bulan puasa. I had a lot of work then so can't afford to take frequent (sometimes long) bf-ing breaks. Lepas2 tu le I dah kureng sikit nak express. I need to start back, though. kalau tak sayang je spectra tu..not ready to sell it yet :)

  4. merlyn hasshim Says:

    salute dekat u cousin, rajin pumping. I pernah try pump sekali, but he refused to drink it. So, just direct BF sampai umur dia 2 tahun 3 bulan..

  5. Hanim Says:

    sori Oyin, lupa reply. eh lg senang direct BF drp nak pump and feed with bottle. U tak keje kat sana kan?

  6. merlyn hasshim Says:

    nope, 24/7 SAHM. tapi tu la, susah kalau nak kena tinggalkan dia lama-lama, mau meraung dia tak dpt susu.

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