cloth diapering (CD) jargons

It was overwhelming in the beginning with new terms, shortforms, brands. I won't do a lengthy blog, just click on the links :) I support local online stores as we can save on the shipping. However I did get the Itti Bitti from Oz as they had a 1-day-sale.
  • hemp
  • bamboo
  • microfibre
That was all!!

*I was overwhelmed because they (in our MBW forum) were using abbreviations like:
BK, BBH, BG, DB, GAD, HH , IB ----> turned out it was just the brands

It's even worse in medicine: PID means either paediatric infectious disease, pelvic inflamatory disease or prolapsed intervertebral disc. I was laughing real hard when a medical student asked about a regular patient:
him: Doc, how come this GUY has pelvic inflammatory disease...he came with the complaint of back pain?!
me: Err... I wrote PID coz already diagnosed via lumbosacral Xray, SLR positive... PID in this guys is prolapsed disc laa (haiyooo pening, pening bila medical student ada... cuba la baca past notes)
Back to CD:
~I chose fitted, as I wanted to CD part time at night.
~Then I bought AIO for daytime/weekends as I didn't want to deal with inserts.
~Arianna still uses disposables, convenient for my in laws (voluntarily takes care of her, so I won't impose anything)
~Hubs like AIO, no need for separate diaper cover over the fitted diaper
~Me? I love the Itti Bittis... it's sooooooo pretty and soft.


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  1. Hanz Says:

    Try-lah Pocket, worries the hassle, once u put in the insert it's just like AIO & my bb's daycare, my mom & my MIL ok with it be it buttons(are'nt sure the correct term they refer) or velcro.

    I like pocket bcoz quick drying, I boleh betul2 bilas bersih2 (paranoid thinking tht some urine still linger) & had fun with the inserts..some more many pockets available OS so to me in the long run I save a lot.

    BumGenius OS is good, Tiny Tush pun. I like Drybees too but too bad I kena forget abt it due to my bb's sizing.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hanz, thanks. I'm thinking about pockets... anything with velcro, OS. I think IB, BB hemp tu a trun off coz it's snap buttons. Leceh sket for carers. Even fitted, AIO pun I still have to snap on the mini boosters.. so what's so hard about stuffing the pockets right?

    Okay, otai CD... some suggestions for OS, velcro? I know HH.

  3. Hanz Says:

    Hanim, for OS Pocket Velcro, apart frm BumGenius 3.0 (can get at MiaBambina-they're restocking new prints-yummy!), Tiny Tush (TinyTapir), Rumparooz (LilDanzell & Tiny Tapir)& Blueberry Minky (LilDanzell)is good too based on my experiences.

  4. SOHO Mama Says:

    Looking at my diaper list/spreadsheet, I only use BG 3.0 and Blueberry Minky for OS pockets and Drybees, RaR and HH for sized pockets...hmmm..not very adventurous eh..

    But at the bottom of my list (for pockets) is Drybees lah. Padahal that's the first that I got. Absorbancy ok, depending on the insert lah. Tapi lagi "best" kalau baby chubby & chunky sikit..kalau baby demam & lose's sort of hangs loose, not trim and not neat-looking..

  5. Hanim Says:

    Thanks for sharing.. been doing some reading... BG and Blueberry seems good. We'll see what I'd get next :)

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