cloth diapering (CD)

I thought I wouldn't start CDing, as it seems like a big investment despite the long term savings. I like sposies, the thought of chucking it out is simple. No need to wash, dry, fold (thinking about lampin). After all, I have jumbo packs of diapers which will last for the next couple of months (I love stocking up when I see a good bargain)

Quoted from Miabambina:
Quite simply, cloth diapers are convenient, cost effective, healthier for our children, and better for the environment. I feel as though the real question parents should be asking themselves is why use disposables?
The first two reasons, you can read up and do the maths. The fourth reason.. hmm I produce too much waste being in medical line to actually think about it. Think disposable gloves, disposable dressing sets, disposable VE sets... dispos dispos dispos...

I like the third reason: healthier for our children
  • No diaper rash despite no barrier cream used (we almost had 1 episode of diaper rash while using the sposies)
  • No toxins in contact with her bum
  • I shall never encounter the gel like absorbant crystals with CD (I used Drypers pants for the second time and it sorta broke apart, exposing her bum to it!)
I'm no CD addict, thus I only have 2 types:
  1. FittedBaby Beehind Hemp Fitted - used with a diaper cover for night. Can last up to 12 hours
2. AIO
I have 6 of those Itti Bitti Dlish, with snap on mini boosters. No need for a diaper cover. It lasts 3-5 hours. I love its fluffiness.

There are other types too:
  • pocket
  • flat / prefolds


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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Hanim, my first set of brand new diapers were also from MiaBambina & gently used ones from Christene Allthingspurple. Then I never looked back and started building up the stash because at that time Armand was 1yo and another baby due soon. Dulu2 suruh maid je tukar diapers (sposies), sekarang I pulak suka!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth diapering your child heee hee...

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hi Millie...

    I got mine not from Mia Bambina... the fitted from while the Itti Bitti's from Oz.

    Hope to read/know u better. Love getting to know others mom who share the same passion.

    WAHM?? I salute you :)

  3. suryati Says:

    im still in the process of educating n explaining to en.hubby bout CD. i hope n really hope will get his buy in.

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