feeding bottles

First teat we tried: we then tried the famous brand:no such luck, she had colic. So we tried:
We finally found the right bottle:
For the past 3 weeks, she has refused EBM in a bottle during daytime. She still BF directly when I'm at home morning, afternoon, night, midnight, 2AM, 4AM, 6AM (you get the picture). We end up giving EBM in ice cube form, or from a sippy


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  1. suryati Says:

    our feeding bottles journey almost the same, except the "ONE", Micah's is Dr.brown (but wide neck version), he doesn't like the breastflow bottle

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hehe... i thought my baby je fussy :p

  3. neeza Says:

    i think u bole try combination puting MaM dengan botol Avent. My DD prefer tu jer.. lain tak nak. If not Botol MaM tu pun ok jugak- can reduce colic.

  4. Hanim Says:

    Neeza, my baby colic 1 hari je masa guna Nuk, Avent... succeeded using breastflow. Dr Brown complicated la.

    Next baby, will try MaM, no drip teat kan? I follow ur blog ye. Just read ur story.

  5. lisha Says:

    sorry to invade, bloghopped from suryati's and very sebok nak comment.

    the first years breastflow was the first bottle we tried for my baby arwen (she's aryanna too, btw). i couldnt bf for long and while waiting for my boobs to fill up, i'd give her formula using that bottle in hopes she wont get nipple confusion. it worked but it lasted for about 4 months. we tried changing the teats to stage 2, but she still refused it. finally, succumbing to the fad, we're using avent now.

    the most annoying thing is, because every mom seems to be using the bottle, whenever we have a get-together with family and friends and we see that an avent bottle laying about, we cant help but wonder if it's our baby's bottle and go check her warmer if it's still there.

    hope you & baby arianna will have a longer relationship with breastflow. i loved that bottle.

  6. Hanim Says:

    Lisha.. we had great 13 months with Breastflow. Arianna is all done with bottles.

    Avent gave her nipple confusion, Dr Brown's teat is almost similar to Avent's. At first we thought of Adiri, but it's so difficult to find. That really looks like a breast :)

  7. neeza Says:

    hanim, i pun follow ur blog.. suka nak baca :-)

  8. Hanim Says:

    Neeza, I can't see you in the follower's list.

  9. sayarasalakan Says:

    saya pun guna breastflow. memang baby ok je tukaq tukaq botoi & breast. tapi rasanya baby saya tak kisah sangat kut. bagi botoi avent pun dia minum abih jugak. botoi avent tu dapat sekali ngan breastpump.

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