tick tock tick tock

Since we're maidless after 10 months, I realise efficiency is an overrated virtue. I'd rather spend quality time with Arianna and quality studying rather than quantity studying (which nothing stays in). I rather have Arianna enjoy her activities rather than cramping too much just to make up for the the hours I'm away at work. So, take leave to spend time with your kids :-)

Yesterday's agenda:

  • pilates
  • went to old office for some paperwork
  • carwash/ lunch
  • watch her sleep
  • afternoon snack
  • went to the park
  • dinner
  • bath
  • playtime with daddy
  • war time i.e. brushing teeth
  • sleep
So yay to me for taking a day off. I woke up at 4.45am rejuvenated! Urgh but going to class today is just gonna diss it away. Have a good week people.


6 Response to "tick tock tick tock"

  1. fizamior Says:

    whoa!!! bravo babe!!

  2. nadnye Says:

    u also maidless.. we're in the same boat :>

  3. Rayhana Says:

    sounds like a great day you had!

    thanks for dropping by my blog, segan, never knew ppl read what i wrote ha ha :p

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Fiza...thanks. Love taking cuti saja2, but of course pilates and paperwork were my stuff.

    @Nadnye... in the past 2 years, we had 2 maids, both just 10mths. I think we're better off without maid.

    @Ray... do write! It's nice to read coz we'd never have time chit chat too long with kids around.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hi hanim..
    merayau2 from hanie ni...
    no maid???me...mati!!!

  6. Hanim Says:

    Hi DrSinga...

    Dunnolah, best lagik hidup without a maid. Puas hati cuci bebenda, masak sendiri (although lipat baju is another story). Penat sikit la.

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