First Day of School

I wonder what went through her mind?

After the morning outdoor play, she got settled in for morning snack, activities, lunch and outdoor play while waiting for pick up time (of course I was there throughout). I think she can get used to this routine. She was reluctant to go home... I take it as a good sign. Hope for a good day tomorrow :-)


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  1. CanaryGalapagos Says:

    haha same goes to my daughter..ingatkan dia takut atau menangis masa first day tu..lagi tak nak balik ader lah..hhege. beriya mummy ambil cuti lama..

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hi Canary.... I have the rest of the week.. let's see how it goes. If mmg tak menangis langsung, I salute our kids :) Glemer nama cyber u ;)

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    She looks so cute..even from behind he hee..eventhough i've been to a few first-day-at-school sessions with Amsyar & Izzo, I still sayup je kalau tengok kids hari pertama sekolah, especially the young ones. That's why I usually start them at 4yo..before that boleh je sebenarnya, macam Arianna, playschool lah. But Armand is adamant with his "TAKNAK!".

  4. Lan0stZz Says:

    yeay arianna dah masuk sekolah! near your place?

  5. Hanim Says:

    @Millie... we were so looking fwd to it... tak sempat nak sedih pun. Hehe next week sedih kot, coz I have to be back at work, grandparents hantar plak.

    @Lana... very near to our place :)That fulfilled PIL's criteria, the distance hehe.

  6. Mrs Taj Says:

    bgsnya siap taknk balik tu!! ;)

  7. Hanim Says:

    @Mrs Taj... baguskan? tp minggu ni belum pegi sekolah coz tak sihat :(

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