diaper cake

This was for the little princess in the previous post. It's a diaper cake, as opposed to the usual big hamper-style. We forgot to snap pics with lil Puteri and mommy Dina *silly us*. Arianna was totally fascinated with the baby, and was happily munching biskut?kerepek bawang. She must be teething again.
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6 Response to "diaper cake"

  1. glam.mama Says:

    that is adorable! did you make it yourself? guna CD ke dispo?

  2. Hanim Says:

    @Adrin... hehe outsourced to a friend. I don't have the talent nor passion to do crafty things... I'd rather dissect something :p.

    Used dispos. Haven't promoted CD, only talked about CD with u guys. Never know how to start a conversation about CD, although giving a CD would be a good step huh?

  3. fae Says:

    cantiknya.. best tu kalau dapat :)

  4. Hanim Says:

    Fae... next time u ada baby kat M'sia I bagi u plak k? Remember Hanna- dia yang buat :)

  5. DNNA Says:

    Cute nya ...
    Hanna buat ek?? Caya la .. sungguh kreatif ..
    Eh, Fae?? Fae Matrix bangi dulu ka??

  6. Hanim Says:

    @Dian... yeah Hanna Isfahani your neighbour la tu :) And yup that's Fae. Klik kat blog dia, that's how I found her too :D

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