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Arianna's own bookcase.

Since she has shown interest in books (finally, you might say), we added more books. She had her cloth books, board books, flip books, pop-up books, foam books and an electronic book. Added more big books like picture dictionaries, ABC, story books, activity books. Apparently we share the same interest; the pop-up books, Mr. Men books and a Winnie the Pooh book were from my own collection. I bought it in Dublin (and got some as gifts).. that was way back in 2000-2001. Bookworm mommy?!


5 Response to "books books books"

  1. Rozy Says:

    wish when Hadiff dah besar he will put interest in reading novel so that he can inherit my novel collection.
    Now he only interested in biting his books.

  2. Hanim Says:

    @Rozy.. Arianna showed interest only at 23 mths. Finally said 'book'. Before this, marah betul if I open the books for her.

  3. nadnye Says:

    alhamdulilah.. Uwais loves books that associate with robot and comic too :>

  4. Hanz Says:

    Nim!Dah tukar title blog! I like it..catchy...

    bestkan book shopping for our kiddo...

  5. Hanim Says:

    @Nadnye... janji buku rite? Hehe, she loves books about food la. Nnt I nak try recipe book.

    @Hanz... thanks. Oh sungguh best beli buku. Habis ratus2 pun takpe (ribu2 kat Grolier uhuks). At least now takyah habis duit ratus2 beli stroller, baju2 hehe.

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