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Following my previous post... I guess there are many people asking about lasik. Hehe I'm not much about promoting, but if you guys do go for it... mention that Dr. Hanim M. Taha told you about it yeah? A few doctor friends of mine have gone to them (different branches, all good results).

I knew about it when I was working in HUKM. I did pay a visit to the Shah Alam outlet when I was working in Klang Hospital. But it was during December 2006-February 2007 that I finally got serious about it.

  • May 2005- toyed with the idea... but no eye makeup for 1 month, oh no it was close to my wedding.
  • December 2006- Flood in Johor. I'm helpless without my specs, so how to berkhidmat untuk masyarakat.
  • February 2007- habis pantang, finally had the 'tissue savung intralasik' since I was still on confinement leave.
  • March- April 2007- Not perfect results, can do the 2nd lasik, but lo and behold I was pregnant.

I botched the lasik:
- Post delivery December 2006, hormones are probably not stable yet? But they said it was okay already, but different people have different reaction.
- Pregnant again, then continued to breastfeed. Hormonal issues again.

Ok so now I've stopped breastfeeding for 6 months after Arianna self weaned. Time for me to consider 2nd lasik. Optimax offers 'free for life' program. They'll do corrections if your power is not satisfactory. Unless you develop prebysopia.


3 Response to "lasik"

  1. nadnye Says:

    Nak tanya hanim,if power dalam 200 something bole buat ker lasik nie, and then after a while bole rabun balik. Sakit tak?

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    My husband did his at HUKM branch about 2 years ago..the "free for life" program. He likes it, and a neighbour of ours did his..while mentioning my husband's name lah he hee..
    He started wearing glasses since he was 13yo, I think. Anak lagi terrer. Amsyar started to wear his last year. Power 220!

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Nadnye... boleh buat... patutnya tak la rabun balik, except kes-kes doctors yang sangat degil dan tidak ikut arahan. Mine went up coz despite power sikit, I pakai specs balik (pregnant masa tu mmg power takkan stbale). By right we shouldn't. Hehe ada sakit for few hours.

    @Millie... Masa I start in Std2, power pun 200! I like the free for life concept too :) U tak pakai specs? I rasa anak I by genetics sure pakai specs :(

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