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More on my experience on lasik:

Optimax offered free check up, and they found that I was suitable for tissue saving intralasik due to my high astigmatism (300+!) and that cost RM3200/eye. Some are lucky and they can go for cheaper option. Of course they let you decide, but I agreed with their suggestion.

I did the op the very next day. They provided withe pre and post procedure instruction and a medical kit containing sterile artificial tears, eyedrops (antifungal/steroids).  U can't drive after that, plus u can't really see after that... sunglasses please!

It's done under sterile condition, with the laser burning... it smells like burning flesh. To my fellow healthcare workers: smells like when diathermy burns the skin/ muscle *yummy bbq smell*. It stings like h311 for few hours afterwards, but later that night I was already back to my normal life. They'd give 3 days MC, then life goes on. Had a follow up the next day, the very next week and a month later.


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  1. Lan0stZz Says:

    so u did for both eyes at RM3.2k each ye? same price they quoted for me. Agak keberatan sedikit disitu.

    Nways that bbQ stinging on the eye after the laser treatment is so freaking me out! Do u sleep the whole day after the operation or what?

  2. glam.mama Says:

    I did my LASIK 4 years ago and still say its the best decision I ever made! :D

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Lana... so funny when they quote per eye. I tido through Asar till Maghrib after I took a painkiller. By Isyak I was ok :) The next day... think life was like normal except with sunglasses on and no driving for 3 days. 1 month later I was back driving at night.

    @Adrin... totally agree with u! How is life without a maid? That deserves glam.mama writeup.

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