End of confinement

I've diligently finished the confinement set: internal and most of the external stuff. The pantang ritual of massage/ tungku started earlier at week 2, as compared to previous post C-section pantang. The Pfannenstiel incision took 3 weeks to heal externally, whereas the episiotomy wound took 2 weeks to heal all throughout.

It is now 7 weeks post delivery- day 44 was last Thursday (yippee!). End of pantang ritual...penutup pantang they say. The previous 'mak bidan'(s) did massage and womb massage a.k.a. sengkak. I usually go to Nona Roguy spa after that. This confinement- for which I used their home service, I went for 3 days of spa (plus it is a good reason to go out/ drive post confinement). It is specifically for massage/ tuam/ tangas.

Confinement practice varies from each person. I chose to have more massage/ tungku as I really want to regain my pre pregnancy state. I see faster healing because of this and mostly because it is natural delivery, not a c-section.

Don't forget pap smear during gynae checkup at 6 weeks!


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