A day before delivery

We were out doing groceries on Monday (Sunday was Aidiladha). We tried The Daily Grind... (thanks Liz @Snuggbaby for the suggestion). That was the last main meal I had prior to admission! I had the lamb stew for late lunch. On D-Day, I couldn't stomach breakfast. I was rostered to CT scan, all work and walking... forget about breakfast when at work (a note for all dedicated, hardworking docs).

By the time I got into the car going to the gynae clinic- I ate few choc chip cookies. When I left the clinic, with no clear time for scheduled C-section, I really couldn't stomach a meal, and I knew I should be fasting. I just finished the rest of choc chip cookies (courtesy of @nadhirah of @1tspoflove) for  fast energy.

Next meal was hospital dinner at 6pm.... thank God for fast and furious labour.

Ate the mash potatoes, veggie, papaya and red date soup I think. Curry chicken was blergh.


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