a struggle...

.. with meds. Giving salbutamol 'Ventolin' inhaler is like a wrestling match. Being a lil kid, she has to use it with an aerochamber... it's difficult to even teach an adult patient how to coordinate breathing and pressing the inhaler. Montelukast 'Singulair' powder is easier as we can put it in her drink.

Oh yeah... she doesn't/ can't take cough meds, thus when she coughs, it'll get really bad. I haven't even found a suitable flu meds for her. Promethazine and cetirizine doesn't work...just makes her runny nose even more runny a.k.a. rhinitis medicamentosa.

This was our situation 2 weeks back few days after coming back from PD, thus the quiet blog. She missed whole week of school last week. This week, seems she's gonna have 100% attendance *yay*.


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  1. suryati Says:

    arianna allergic to cough syrup ke? Micah only to one type yg dark color, dunno the real nam becoz when we got it, its in the generic botol plastic tuh.

    singulair senang jer kan? campur dlm air, nasib baik tasteless.

  2. LiXa the Mama Alya Says:

    hmm..alya pun guna aerochamber gak..but the doc prescribe flyxotide not ventolin..ade 2 jenis puff she has to take..kesian la kecik2 dah kene camni..

    tp memang bergelut jugak ar nak kira sampai 8 tu

  3. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Hanim, give her Herbalife F1 shake for breakfast, 1.5 scoop in 250ml drink. I have several friends (and my own bro in law) who were serious asthma patients, alhamdulillah by changing their breakfast, they're off asthma medication now. My 6 month old boy drinks shake every morning and he loves it :).

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Suryati... bukan allergic, she just hates the taste. Must be diphenhydramine. I rarely get cough, but when I do, I take the inhaler few doses. I haven't had cough syrup past 6 years :p

    @Lixa... oh my baby amik once a day... and I think less than 10 doses je. I usually just prevent her from getting cough.

    @Adzimi... we're not serious cases pun. Arianna wasn't diagnosed as asthma actually, bronchiolitis je. Except this time around, mak dia malas nak struggle kasi syrup, terus kasi puff haha. Her breakfast: yogurt, fruits. Healthy enough :)

  5. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Hanim, F1 shake contains complete nutritions that the body require, which yoghurt and fruits lacks. I've checked :). For my family, i try avoid going for drugs where possible, especially they're still so young. You're a doctor, i trust u know better than me :). Anyway, i'm currently reading this book "What your doctor doesn't know about nutritional medicine may be killing you", written by Dr. Ray D. Strand M.D. Kalau ada kesempatan baca lah.

  6. Hanim Says:

    Alhamdulillah since she was born, think she had 3 coughs, 2 runny nose, 2 fever.. so average once 6-12 months :) Oh we are sooo against meds too, she only ingested antibiotics once, 2-5 tsp of flu meds&cough syrup. Not bad.

    I'm not taking the shakes coz I get nasty detox effect, can't imagine what'd happen to her. We're on a healthy diet.. so that's our aim right? Oh yeah... that book....haha dah baca rasanya. I love nutrition more than I love pharmacology honestly. I just can't agree with the artificial flavouring and colouring in the shakes for a child to be frank with u.

  7. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Alhamdulillah, glad to know she's healthy, that is always our aim for the children, no matter what way we use. Kids wont get detox effect like us, they dont have years of junks in their body like us (and we'd love to keep it that way). Every human body is different, so not every body gets detox effects like you. Among the people i've worked with, maybe about 20% experience it. I'd also be worried about the artificial flavours and colouring in her yoghurts (plus pretty much everything else that she eats every day!) if thats the concern. Anyway, i'm not here to argue, i was just sharing about a good source of nutritions, after all u guys r my friends, and friends cares for each other, otherwise why would i even bother right :)? I pray that Arianna and your family stays healthy as always.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    just to inform, u'r not supposed to put singulair in her drinks, the powder needs to get to the lungs, not her gut

    dr. e

  9. Hanim Says:

    Dr. E...

    Singulair=montelukast=leukotriene receptor antagonist. It's an oral preventer, not a releiver. And certainly not the inhaler steroid type.

    The granules are great, supplied per sachet of 4mg (also in chewable tabs of 5 mg). The granules can be mixed with breast milk, formula, or soft food. Only that u'd have to discard after 15 mins. It's RM4-5 per sachet.

    *I'm not employed by Merck, but there are useful info on www.singulair.com. HTH*

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