seasonal fruit: mangosteen

I'm no big fan of seasonal fruits, except for durian. It gets very frustrating if I cannot get the fruit all year round. Arianna, being anak baba@cucu Tok Wan on the other hand, loves most of the seasonal fruits. She tried durian at 1 year old, and have tried duku-langsat, mango, rambutan and latest: mangosteen.

She ate 8 on Saturday, We had to go and buy more for her to eat on Sunday. It was yummy, I'd have to say. I missed out for not having a real kampung with a dusun when I was younger, even most Raya we were in KL *sob sob sob*.

Here's a picture on DH's birthday. Fruits triumph over chocolates for her - kiwi, mango, banana, strawberries on the platter (can't say the same about DH though haha)


3 Response to "seasonal fruit: mangosteen"

  1. fizamior Says:

    wow! arianna!!! there u go!!! hehehe.... aunty also loves mangosteen so much mmg boleh makan sampai banyak2..hahahaha....

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hehe dia leh geng dgn Aunty Fiza :)

  3. Safrul Says:

    Now every night tengah malam, I kena kopek not less than 20 biji manggis for her makan as snack siang2.....

    Stock manggis cuma tahan lagi 2 hari.

    Zaman ciku dia almost over...or maybe sebab dia dok pulun makan manggis...

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