birthday weekend

Happy Birthday to Mak,
Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby.
5 years ago, we got engaged,
3 years ago it was only us and Adam,
and now we have Arianna in our lives.
Alhamdulillah. May God bless us.

That's where we'll be and gotta be there again in May. Anyone wants to take a guess why/ where? Pics as below.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Arianna means "to be naked" in Arabic...please check it.

  2. fizamior Says:

    may Allah bless kak hanim sekeluarga!
    wah!!! renaissance ke tuh??? best2!!!

  3. Hanim Says:

    Thank you Anon,

    We've derived her name form Greek meaning: the holy one. In arabic, it depends on your pronunciation... in which we are particular in how we pronounce it. We have also checked with our uncle who's a professor phD doctor in Islamic studies way earlier about it. Wallahu 'alam.

  4. Hanim Says:

    Hi Fiza.... yup u're right :) Ada voucher. Hoping in May I can find another voucher.

  5. nadnye Says:

    hmm..never been there, camne nak plak yg excited :P

  6. Hanim Says:

    nadnye.... ikut pi KB?

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